Saturday, May 28, 2011

So much to say....

Greetings All,

Know that the Artist is always at work, putting her thoughts and daily trials into words. At this time, I ask that you allow me to gather my thoughts so that I may put them into words to share with you.

Share with you soon!!

Don't forget that comments are always welcomed!!

Miss you much,
The Artist Known as Antrease

Muah :-)

Friday, May 20, 2011

When Is Enough, Enough?????

Friendships, relationships, commitments, whatever you choose to call them. Whether it's with a longtime friend, family member, co-worker, business associates or just someone you allow around from time to time - "WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH????

How much should you allow yourself to go through mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually??

The paths that I have crossed and people that I have allowed in my world have all been for a reason. I find myself thinking back to what happened to dissolve the connection with certain people. I look in my world today to see who is still around and wonder what my reason is for keeping them there.

Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver for example. Who's to say she didn't know about this all along nor did she really just find out this year? How long would she go on allowing herself to be deceived?

We are only here on the earth for so long and tomorrow is not promised. I find it hard to just continue to allow you to be mistreated, disrespected, deceived, heart broken or just plain old DONE WRONG!!! Scars are hard to get rid of even when they fade, they are still there.

Maybe it's just me. I want to be adored, loved and respected just like I do others. It's not hard. Just treat people like you want to be treated. Know that your worth is more!! Now, if you like to be treated ruff , then that is a whole different BLOG that I need to post.

Love is rare.... Respect is earned.... Trust is required.... Honesty is a given..... Consideration is taught at an early age......

Look, it's all about what you allow and what you desire. If you desire it, want it. If you want it, get it. If you get it, keep it. Your life is YOURS and what you make it, is how it goes!!!

Always remember you are a creation of a greater vision and make that vision known. Make your limitations be known. Demand it and if respected enough, you WILL GET IT! If NOT, then.............

Thank you to all that have made me say, "Enough is enough". Because of you, I am the WOMAN I AM TODAY - HUMBLE!!!!!!

Until next time........ Muah :-)
"Please leave comments. They are always welcomed."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Can't Believe It.....

What a Journey.....

Are you that one that start something, has all these fab ideas, go far and beyond to create something, but don't complete it????  Welcome to a world that I am no longer apart of. 

A dear friend of mine mentioned to me that there was a competition I should enter.  Me being who I am was on board without even asking what it was about.  Little did I know, it was a perfect fit.  "MISS RUNWAY 2011 (CURVES DIVISION)" was a competition that consist of fashion, style, make-up, and runway.  Something I have been a follower of for as far back as I can remember.  I have pictures to prove it!!  Now, here I am at the age of 37 (at the start of this journey) signing up for a competition that is what I have always dreamed of.  Butterflies is an understatement of what my emotions were dealing with.  While months of doubt, private classes, group classes, meetings, swollen feet, aching back, patient friends, constant motivational talks, wardrobe consulting, figuring out the perfect dress, red carpet attire and a fan club that you wouldn't believe - the day of the competition had arrived. 

Scared, what???  stage fright, hello????   Wardrobe malfunctioning???  Can we say heart acttack or anxiety attack.???

All of the above........................

Make-up flawless, wardrobe finally arrived, prayer said, the time had come................

...and the 2nd Runner-up is Antrease Bozeman!!!!!!!!!

I did it...  I finally completed something I enjoyed and blossomed from.  What a journey and road I will never forget.  Thanks to my personal DREAM TEAM!!!  I will always be remembered in ways unthought of.  I was fabulous and knew it.

Ok....  Enough said.

Complete what you start and be content with your finish. Have faith in you when no one else do. Know that your path is meant for you and later in life you will know why you traveld that down that path. Love who God has created you to be. This body I am taking care of is the body I was destined to represent. "LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN" I DO!!!

Alright enough of that.


This is only the beginning. Until next time.....................

Ms. Beauti